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Microbial Strain Collection of Latvia

Name of the RI

Microbial Strain Collection of Latvia

Location of RI

Kronvalda Blvd. 4



Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Biological Sciences

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

Environmental and food microbiology. Strain deposition/maintenance, including patent deposit. Isolation, purification and identification of microorganisms useful for a specific application in biotechnology and Life sciences; selection of the most active cultures.

Equipment at the RI

International Depositary Authority Microbial Strain Collection of Latvia (MSCL)


More than 100 users from scientific community, governmental authorities, private institutions per year (ie. from Latvia – around 90 requirements, from EU countries 10-15, outside of Europe –several)

Status of RI

MSCL was founded in 1993.

Since November 2012,  MSCL is Collaborative partner of EC FP 7 funded project “MIRRI”.


Key words

microbial strain collection, deposition, maintenance

Description of RI

MSCL is an internationally recognized institution for the deposition and maintenance of   microorganisms for different purposes (including patent deposit). All deposited strains (more than 1500 strains of bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts) are preserved in liquid nitrogen thus providing their genetic stability, purity and authenticity. Scientists perform strain isolation, purification, identification, distribution, offer scientific consultancy. MSCL is only such kind institution in Latvia that contributed to its collaboration with different institutions and companies interested in collection’s services: in   search of new antimicrobial agents, in the development of biological plant protection products of microbial origin, in the development of new technologies for  innovative applications of  functional products consisting of microorganisms, etc.

Hosting Organization and its address

University of Latvia

Raina Blvd.19




Daina Eze

Administrator’s Phone

 +371 67034868

Administrator’s Contact e-mail