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Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Centre for Biomaterial Innovation and Development

Name of the RI

Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Centre

for Biomaterial Innovation and Development

website of the RI

Location of RI

Pulka street 3/3




Scientific domain(s) of the RI

2. Biological and Medical Sciences

5. Chemistry and Material Sciences;

6. Engineering and Energy

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

Access to research and scientific laboratory infrastructure, scientific services

Equipment at the RI

  • Synthesis reactor: IKA LR-2 ST, V = 500-2000 ml; pH-meter: inoLab pH 720, automatic titration device Schott Instruments TITRONIC, ion selective titration station Mettler Toledo.
  • Surface area and pore size analyzer: Quantachrome Quadrasorb.
  • Powder X-ray diffractometer: PANalytical X’Pert PRO.
  • Fourier transformation infrared spectrometer: Varian Scimitar 800.
  • Stereomicroscope: Leica MZ 16 A, DFC490 equipped with appropriate image processing software Image-Pro Plus 6.1.
  • Laser granulometer: analysette 22 Nano Tec.
  • High temperature DTA/DSC: Baehr DTA 703
  • Optical microscope: Leica DM LM/P, DFC320 equipped with appropriate image processing software Image-Pro Plus 6.1.
  • Planetary ball mill: Fritch Pulverisette 5.
  • High energy dispergator: Dispermat CA40-M1, APS1000.
  • Sample cutting and polishing equipment: Buehler Isomet Low speed saw and MiniMet 1000.
  • Spry drying equipment: Buchi B-290.
  • Field emission scanning electron microscope: FE-SEM Mira LMU with Oxford Instruments EDS system.
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer: Thermo Evolution 300 with appropriate software.
  • Muffle furnaces: e.g. Nabertherm LHT 04/17.
  • Vacuum furnace Nabertherm.
  • Drying ovens: e.g. Memmert UFB 300.
  • Set of equipment for preparation,simulation and extrusion of ceramic mass.
  • Waters UPLC with UV, ELSD and Fluorescent detectors.


National users: 10

Users from other European countries: 3

International users: 1

Status of RI

Operational since 2006 year

Key words

Materials science, composite materials, ceramics, bioceramics, thermoelectric materials, drug delivery

Description of RI

The RI is founded in 2006 and currently is the leading center for research and development of biomaterials in Baltic states.

Hosting Organization and its address

Riga Technical University

Kalku Street 1




Janis Locs

Administrator’s Phone

 +371 67089628

Administrator’s Contact e-mail