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Sensor network and wireless network

Name of the RI

Sensor network and wireless network

website of the RI

Location of RI

14 Dzerbenes St.,

LV-1006, Riga,


Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Information Science and Technology

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

Experimental evaluation of:

1. Wireless sensor network protocols

2. WiFi network protocols (including IEEE 802.11p)

3. Sensor network and wireless network software behaviour at scale

4. Wireless signal propagation in indoor and outdoor conditions

Equipment at the R


1. 150 sensor network nodes

2. 1 high-performance server

3. 10 IP cameras

4. 105 wireless routers (5 present, 100 more planned)

5. 100 sensor network node adapters for energy consumption monitoring and control, digital and analog monitoring and debugging (planned)

6. 100+ attachment sites indoors, 10+ attachment sites outdoors (Power over Ethernet cables for data & power).


Both national and international users expected. Time-sharing and resource-sharing based access both are expected, allowing multiple users to use the facilities (the number is dependent on their requirements).

Status of RI


Under development, expected to be fully operational in the beginning of 2014. 

Key words

Wireless networks, sensor networks, WSN testbed, Cyber-physical systems, ITS

Description of RI

Test facility for large-scale experimentation with sensor network software & hardware, and WiFi network (including IEEE 802.11p)  software

Hosting Organization and its address

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

14 Dzerbenes St.,

LV-1006, Riga,



Atis Elsts

Administrator’s Phone

+371 25916385

Administrator’s Contact e-mail