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Water Research Laboratory

Name of the RI

Water Research Laboratory

website of the RI

Location of RI

Riga Technical University

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Water Engineering and Technology Department

Azenes 16, room: 142, 144



Scientific domain(s) of the RI

6. Engineering and Energy,

2. Biological and Medical Sciences

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

access to a laboratory equipment, user support, training

Equipment at the RI

PropellaTM bioreactors for surface process modelling,

bioreactors for investigating the processes taking place in porous environment,

on-line biomass/biofilm measurement equipment,

FT-IR System

Spectrum GX (PerkElmer),

OT-PCR and PCR equipment (Applied Biosystems),

two epifluorescence microscopes (Leica DMLB;

Nikon Eclipse and Q IMAGING, Retinga 2000R), one of them a scanning microscope (EDIC system),

TOC analyzer and flow cytometer,

Jar test (PHIPPS&BIRD PB-700),

Pi-102 Luminometer,

safety cabinet (BIOWIZARD Kojair), spectrophotometer (Camspec M501),

laboratory water (ELGA Purelab ultra), Ultrasonic processor (Cole-Parmer), s::can etc.

Status of RI

Operational from 2000

Key words

Drinking water, wastewater, biofuels

Description of RI

The main research is on drinking water treatment, distribution systems, water quality and biofilms in the distribution network.

Hosting Organization and its address

Riga Technical University

Kalku Street




Janis Rubulis/Kristina Tihomirova

Administrator’s Phone


Administrator’s Contact e-mail