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Extreme-precision Time-Measuring Technology Centre

Name of the RI

Extreme-precision Time-Measuring Technology Centre

website of the RI

Location of RI

Dzerbenes Street 14,

LV-1006, Riga


Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Information Science and Technology

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

The environment for Time Measurements with very high resolution (2-3 pico-seconds  RMS). User support for signal conditioning. Estimation of deviations for super stabile generators.   

Equipment at the RI

High-performance Event Timer A033 and others, High-stabile frequency generators and time-intervals generators; Frequency Standards GPS-12R and Trimble Thunderbolt;

BINDER chamber for device testing in temperature


More than 40 from Latvia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Korea. 

Status of RI

Test equipment is in use from 2010

Key words

Time measurements; Laser ranging; frequency stability

Description of RI

The accumulated scientific knowledge in time measurement problems has been proved by creating specific systems for Satellite Laser Ranging, delivered to various countries of Europe and Asia. Some of these devices were purchased for specific applications, specifically, for signal analyses in Modulation domain, experiments with gravimeters, for time transfer systems based on one-way laser ranging.

Hosting Organization and its address

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science

Dzerbenes Street 14,

LV-1006, Riga



Eugene Boole

Administrator’s Phone


Administrator’s Contact e-mail