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Institute of Chemical Physics

Name of the RI

Institute of Chemical Physics

website of the RI

Location of RI

Kronvalda Blvd 4




Scientific domain(s) of the RI


Chemistry and Material Sciences

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

Investigation of structure, properties, and applications of individual nanocomponents and its architectures, and nanostructured materials.

Scanning probe microscopy.

Electron beam lithography.

Equipment at the RI

Field emission Scanning Electron microscope Hitachi S-4800;

Atomic force microscope (Asylum Research MFP-3D) with inverted optical microscope and biological cell;

Electron beam lithography system Raith Elphy Quantum.


national users - 44,

users from other European countries - 4

Status of RI

Since 2006

Key words

scanning probe microscopy, atomic force microscope, electron beam lithography

Description of RI

The Institute of Chemical Physics conducting research in the following areas: nanostructured materials, structure, properties, and applications of individual nanocomponents;

scanning probe microscopy;

quantum chemical simulation of molecules, clusters, nanostructures and solid state;

radiation processes in solids, radiation stability of materials, influence of high magnetic field on processes stimulated by radiolysis in solids, development of new materials and technologies for fusion energy.

Hosting Organization and its address

University of Latvia

Raina Blvd.19




Donats Erts

Administrator’s Phone

+371 67033875

Administrator’s Contact e-mail