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Genome Database of Latvian Population

Name of the RI

GenomeDatabase of Latvian Population (LGDB)

website of the RI

Location of RI

Ratsupites 1, LV-1067, Riga, Latvia

Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Biological and Medical Sciences

Type of RI


Research services at the RI

Sharing of biosamples (DNA, plasma, serum, white blood cells) and associated phenotypic and clinical data in frames of collaboration with groups of scientists in Latvia and abroad.

Equipment at the RI

Not applicable


National Users (as research institutions) <6>

International Users (as research groups) <4>

Status of RI

Pilot project – 2003, baseline  - from 2006

Key words

DNA, plasma, serum, WBC, phenotypes

Description of RI

LGDB is cross-sectional biobank represented by 23 234 participants mainly 45 – 75 years old from general population of Republic of Latvia, and holding information about environmental factors contributing to different diseases and biospecimens for both genders.

Hosting Organization and its address

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre (BMC)


Janis Klovins, PhD

Administrator’s Phone

Tel: +371 67473083

Mob: +371 26438469

Fax: +371 67442407

Administrator’s Contact e-mail