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Laser Centre

Name of the RI

Laser Centre

website of the RI

Location of RI

Zellu Str. 8




Scientific domain(s) of the RI


Type of RI


Research services at the RI

A unique combination of ultra-high spectral resolution and very high sensitivity allows studying complicated emission and absorption spectra of gas phase molecules and atoms, the hyperfine structure, elementary processes in plasma physics, performing structural analyzing of micro and nano-scale particles, etc.

Equipment at the RI

Fourier transform spectrometer IFS-125;

Laser systems and components:

Verdi V18 laser system;

CR - 699-21 Ring Laser (2 units);

699 Ring Dye laser;

Coherent Innova 100-18 Argon Ion Laser System;

High Precision wavelength meter WS-6-102;

Single mode beam laser TA-SHG 110


national users 30

users from other European countries 20

international users 15

Status of RI

Since 2004

Key words

plasma physics

Description of RI

The Laser Centre is the largest laser resource in Latvia and a unique experimental infrastructure at national and regional (Baltic States) scale. The infrastructure of the Laser Centre houses a laser pool consisting of several single mode ring dye laser systems that provide the necessary number of coherent light sources for complex laser manipulation experiments, and various diode laser sources.

Hosting Organization and its address

University of Latvia

Raina Blvd.19




Ruvins Ferbers

Administrator’s Phone


Administrator’s Contact e-mail