The overarching goal of the National Contact Point (Contact Point) of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is to ensure meaningful and coordinated membership of Latvia as an Associate Member State of CERN, as well as Latvia, becoming a full-fledged Member State of CERN within the next 2-3 years. 

The mission and vision of the Contact Point are defined in line with the overarching goal.


The mission of the Contact Point is to foster the development of particle physics and accelerator technology community in Latvia and the Baltics, contributing to the national policy goals in science, technology development and innovation, and to Latvia becoming a full-fledged member state of CERN.


By utilising CERN's opportunities, Latvia is establishing its role as a centre of excellence for technology, innovation and physical science in the Baltics.


The legal basis for the activities of the Contact Point is the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the Contact Point Statutes and other binding legal acts and decisions and orders of the governing bodies of Riga Technical University (RTU), as the Contact Point is operating within RTU Office of Vice-Rector for Science and is directly subordinate to the vice-rector for science.

To achieve the overarching goal of the Contact Point - meaningful and coordinated participation of Latvia as an Associate Member of CERN and becoming a full-fledged Member State - the following strategic courses of action are outlined in the action plan for the Implementation of the CERN Strategy of Latvia:

  • strengthen and deepen Latvia's capacity in high-energy physics, accelerator physics and accelerator technology (human resources);
  • strengthening the knowledge base for the application of high-energy particle and accelerator technologies, innovative materials, solutions and ICT in the Latvian economy (technology area);
  • access to innovative therapeutic methods and particle therapy based on regional cooperation, expanding the development and application of theranostics (technology area).

Accordingly, the Contact Point is involved in several local and international activities:

  • Coordination of the CERN Latvia Group, group member involvement in CERN-related activities;
  • Informing Latvian partners about CERN activities;
  • Coordination of information exchange between CERN and national authorities and policymakers;
  • Coordinating the strengthening of national capacities in high-energy particle physics and accelerator technologies;
  • Supporting and organising CERN-related communication activities;
  • Supporting the Latvian Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO), by promoting industry cooperation with CERN;
  • Representing Latvia at CERN;
  • Participation in the CERN Baltic Group.

Target audience

The Contact Point’s target audiences are:

  • Higher education institutions;
  • Research institutions;
  • Latvian students;
  • Latvian teachers;
  • Latvian pupils;
  • Public authorities and decision-makers;
  • Industry organisations and social partners;
  • Industry and Investment Development Agency of Latvia;
  • CERN Baltic Group;
  • CERN;
  • The media.